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What Are “Audited Statements” and Why Does My Organization Need Them?

A recent trend among granting organizations is to require charities provide audited financial statements. What are “audited” financial statements? Generally, this means that a person (usually a CPA or PA) independent of the organization’s management has reviewed the financial statements, accounting practices, internal controls, etc. to ensure accuracy and adherence with generally accepted accounting principles.…

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The Case for Donor List Consolidation

If your organization is large and well-established, you probably already have relationship management software (such as Raiser’s Edge or Salesforce) to track donor information and gifts. For smaller organizations, this “database” may simply be an excel file… or many, many excel files! Gathering this information may seem like a daunting task, but it’s absolutely necessary…

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Does Your Organization Mail Out an End-of-Year Solicitation?

Rationale for Annual Fund Solicitation Most organizations send an annual fundraising solicitation in the Fall. This is timed to coincide with the end of the year for charitable donation deductions for tax purposes as well as the increased inclination for some donors to give in conjunction with certain holidays that occur during this time period.…

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Are You Ready for National Volunteer Week?

No, it’s not actually April- yet. But it soon will be! Be honest- when do you start planning for National Volunteer Week? It’s April 10-16 this year so my guess is around April 1. Here’s a few easy ways to start planning now and make sure your volunteers know that YOU know your organization wouldn’t…

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Why Hire an Independent Prospect Researcher?

In 2015, non-profits tend to come in two varieties: large organizations and small shops. Large organizations are usually lucky to have a prospect researcher on staff but in small shops, an Executive Director, Development Officer, or support staffer is often tasked with doing the work of researching prospects. This person is usually so overloaded that…

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